Minimum order

Minimum orders start with 100 pieces. 

Generally, we produce orders for printing paper cups in 2 – 3 weeks depending on the quantity of the order. We are also able to take an express order, which usually takes about 72 hours. For commercial use, it is most cost – effective to buy more cups at one time (over 5,000). The customer can make their own cost calculation using the calculator on our website and check how  the unit price decreases when the quantity ordered increases.

For orders of 5000 units and more (CMYK) customers can order more than one graphic version, e.g. 2500 cups DL-CG_250 with graphic version 1 + 2500 cups DLCG_250 with graphic version 2. The maximum number of graphic versions depends on the cup volume and is presented in the table below.

100/110 ml 200/250 ml 300/350 ml 350/400 ml 450/ 500 ml
16 Grafik 12 Grafik 12 Grafik 8 Grafik 8 grafik
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